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Arizona Defensive Driving Course Details

Our defensive driving course is suited for all computer users and virtually any computer with internet access. The course is easy to follow, easy to use and available at anytime, day or night, 24 hours a day. Participation will take at least 240 minutes but you do not have to complete the course in one sitting and may log on and off at your convenience.

In Arizona, all approved defensive driving course providers must collect all fees in relation to the course. These fees include the course fee (Just $34.95), the State fee ($24), State surcharge ($45) and the court fee (court fees vary by court). There are no hidden fees. All fees are outlined at the beginning of the registration process and on our course fees page.

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Approved by the Arizona Supreme Court (#084)

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Arizona Defensive Driving Refund Policy strives to ensure each registered student is happy with the program and will do everything within our abilities to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The following policy outlines our company's policy regarding refunds of fees paid. These policies have been produced to comply with Arizona State law, AJCA § 7-205(F)(30).

As a licensed school, it is our duty to comply with Arizona State Law and no member of our staff can make an exception to the policies included below.

Once a person begins a defensive driving course, the state fee, court diversion fee and state surcharge are non-refundable except as set forth in this subsection.

Course tuition fee: Our school may only refund course tuition fee under certain circumstances, such as natural disaster, personal emergencies or if the student has no reasonable means to complete our internet based program, or at the direction of a court.

Court diversion fee, State fee or State surcharge: Our school shall provide a refund of court diversion, state fees and the state surcharge when:

(1) A student pre-pays for a defensive driving course, does not begin the course and does not contact the school to reschedule for a future course. The school shall refund the court diversion fee, state fee and state surcharge 30 days after the scheduled defensive driving course date or upon notification from the student the student will not attend a course, whichever is first;

(2) An officer fails to file a citation with a court and the cited person attends a defensive driving course for that citation. Upon notification by the jurisdictional court, the school shall notify division staff a refund is requested. Upon written approval by division staff, the school shall refund the court diversion, state fee and state surcharge to the student; or

(3) A citation is dismissed by a jurisdictional court on its own motion, for technical problems not correctable under civil traffic rules of court.

A refund of the court diversion fee, state fee or the state surcharge shall result in restoration of the student's eligibility for a defensive driving course.

Our school cannot refund the state fee or state surcharge for any student failing the required quizzes or personal security questions but must forward the state fee and state surcharge to the Arizona Supreme court.

Refund of state fees and state surcharges is not permitted for an ineligible violation or an ineligible student who attends a defensive driving course, whether by fault of the student or school.

Course refunds are granted only under the following conditions: (1) You pay for the course but do not begin participation, (2) the officer does not file the citation with the court or (3) the citation is dismissed by the court.

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Arizona Ticket Diversion/Dismissal Details

Clicking on the "Register" link above will register you for our Arizona Defensive Driving program. To get started with the registration process, you will need a copy of your driver's license or government issued ID and a copy of the citation or court order you received. AZ Driver Safety will also ask that you fax or email a copy of these items to our office for verification. Payment must be received prior to course participation.

Only certain Arizona traffic violations are eligible for diversion. Make sure your violation is eligible before your register for the course by clicking on the "Ticket Dismissal" link above.

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